Sculpture Classes 2019

For the more ambitious work in stone: The Three Day Sculpture Course in an idyllic ambiance. You will be guided and instructed by Sculptor Dettmar tom Dieck from Bremen, Germany.

We are offering classes at Neuenkirchen in Bremen and at Carrara in Italy, a Town worldwide well known for it´s marble. In Bremen we will be working in the studio and if the weather permits at our outdoor sculpting work areas.

Further Details and Information about the Courses and Locations can be found below

sculpture classes in Bremen, Germany

sculpture classes in Carrara (Tuscany), Italy

Some basic information

About the Material

The material you will be working with, has been handpicked, selected and shipped to Bremen for its sculptural qualities, at the stone quarry in Italy, by Sculptor Dettmar tom Dieck. The beauty and texture of golden-yellow sandstone is well suited for our work.

Goal of the Class

Our goal is to give you an impression, how you can create a sculpture following your ideas and imaginations. A three-day course might not be enough to finish your sculpture , but we want to inspire and encourage you to finish your Work in your own time or follow-up course or meeting.

As a matter of course, we want to offer you a wonderful weekend and we will do our best to prevent that you will be going home with blisters and sore muscles.


The class starts in very small groups to offer you close up guidance and instructions in your work.

We start our day at


at the Studio

Lunch Break (we will offer you our italian cuisine)


End of work


Tools will be provided for you. After the course you will have the opportunity to purchase your own personal tools you have been working with. Included in the course fee is a 80 kg piece of beautiful golden-yellow Sandstone. If you fall in love with a larger piece (up to 1,5 tons) we can provide this for 0,75 Euro/Kg. We do have the possibility to install stones up to 1500 kg in your garden.


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sculpture classes in Bremen, Germany

sculpture classes in Carrara (Tuscany), Italy

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