Sculpture Courses in Carrara (Tuscany), Italy 2024

We are offering sculpture classes in Carrara (Tuscany), a town worldwide known for its high quality marble. Our sculpture cources offer an outstanding atmosphere. You will not work in an secluded area, but in a professional art-studio whith a long tradition where many professional and world-famous artist like Henry Moore, Hans Arp and Pierre Schumann created their work. For more than 20 years now, Dettmar tom Dieck is one of the regular artists of this "laboratorio".

Six work areas will be provided exclusively for the participants of the courses. That guarantees a professional and intense tutoring for each participant and gives you the unique opportunity, not only to bring your sculpturing skills to perfection, but as well, to feel and to be part of this hiqhly professional atmosphere. Only very few amateurs get the chance to work side by side with professional artists.

The historic city of Marina di Carrara is sited next to the sea and has a wonderful view onto the famous quarries of Carrara. Today still, sculptures of outstanding beauty and quality are being created in Carrara and shipped around the globe.

How to get there

You will travel individually

  • by car: right to your accomodation in Marina die Massa
  • by train: to the train station in Massa Centrale, where we will provide a pick up service
  • by plane: closest airport is Pisa. Then you can get by train to Massa Centrale, where we will provide a pick up service

after course registration, we will provide you with detailed route description


Located just 200 meter from the Sea, you will find our summer cottage in Marina di Massa. We offer single, double and group apartments for your stay. The house was well restored and lovely refurbished in 2005. The apartments are well appointed with washing-machines, dishwasher and private kitchen and bath. Each apartment has a balcony and a cosy garden. We offer a wi-fi internet connection. Towels and bed-linen are provided.

Food and Drink

On our second evening we are going to have a typical italian "cenone" a lavish dinner offering a wonderful variety of the italian cuisine.

In walking distance of your apartment you will find a range of culinary delicacies , from a rustic pizzeria to a top restaurant offering superb italian cuisine. If you like to prepare your own meals, you will find everything you need in your apartment. And in town you will find best and fresh ingredients for your dinner.


On one afternoon we are visiting the stone quarries of Carrara. Enjoying the stunning panorama, a skilled guide gives you an insight, how the stone your working with, has been mined for millennia.

The Material

The white Carrara marble, which Michelangelo used to create his works with, is ideal for our purposes. In Carrara you will find marble in best quality and almost infinite supply. Most times the only limit is your cars luggage compartment.

Besides that, different materials from all over the world are beeing shipped to Carrara for further processing. That gives you the great opportunity to work on many kinds of different marble and other sedimentary rocks. And for all those, who like to create something larger, we can organize a transport to our studio in Bremen.

The Tools

We provide you with the complete set of the tool that you will need. You can work in the traditional manner with hammer and chisel or with pneumatic and electric tools. In this case we urge you to take extra precautions, to avoid injuries. For all class members we recommend to wear steel-toed security boots.

Impressions from Sculpture Classes in Carrara, Italien

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